Conflict and Solutions

The major plot twist was when the Soviet Union approached Gail Halvorsen to tell him to stop dropping candy because it was interfering with their plans for the people of Berlin. He was not trying to go against the Soviet Union. He was not picking sides either. He represented the U.S. but he felt bad that the children were suffering an adult problem. To prevent problems with the Soviet Union he made a road route instead. This is when he found the polio hospital. He realized that he need more help than he was able to give them. He started to recruit people and organizations d for his purpose.

Lt. Gail Halvorsen handled his conflict with what was available to him. I would have used our social media and reached out to the president to help the children. It was not fair that he felt that he had to do this alone. I would be scared of the Soviet Union . Good thing that they are not around anymore.


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