The Wende Museum

The Wende Museum

I wanted to get a better idea about the the history and way of living in Berlin during the Cold War. I did a search online and found out the we have a local museum with Cold War artifacts. It’s the Wendell Museum in Culvet City. It’s a non-profit so their visit hours are not available on the weekends we went two weeks ago on a Friday when it’s open to the public. The founder Justinian Japol founded the museum because the remains of Berlin were being destroyed by vandalism and demolition due to the country’s recostruction. It was said during our tour that there is no other museum like this one because no other place has Berlin artafacts in such condition. I noticed that during the Cold War slot of status represented motivation for freedom, pride and hope. This museum is not to big but it has interesting artifacts. I was able to take a picture with a piece from the Berlin wall. I was told that there are other pieces at the LACMA museum.

A piece of the Berlin WallMotivational Plates


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