Candy Bombers Chapter 5-6 pages 51-86

There were many incidents where candy was not been drop or received by a couple of children. In chapter five was when a young boy sent Lt. Gail Halvorsen a letter saying he never got any candy. The boy included a map for Lt. Gail Halvorsen to guide him a possible candy drop. Lt. Gail Halvorsen followed the coordinates and made a candy drop for the boy. The boy sent another letter because he said that he did not received the candy. In order to make sure the the candy would be received by the children that needed it Lt. Gail Halvorsen mailed the boy some chocolate and gum. A man sent Ltd. Gail Halvorsen asking for a candy drop in his area. The reason for the man’s request was for his daughter’s birthday and he couldn’t afford a gift for his daughter’s birthday. The next day when he dropped the candy one of the parachutes landed on the man’s roof of his house and this was a bit funny.


In 1948 Lt. Gail Halvorsen was rotated to a new flight assignment. He was then assigned to was to fly a large C-74 out of Brookelyn Air Force base in Alabama. When he left the new head officer for the cooperation was Captain Larry Cassy. Lt. Gail Holvorsen was recognized by his accomplishments and dedication to humanity. He was eventually promoted to colonel. Colonel Gail Halvorsen latrt married Jolley Alta. he became the commander at Vanderberg Air Force Base.


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