Candy Bombers Chapter 3 and 4


Many people and groups supported Lieutenant Halvorsen’s purpose to give children and their gamilies a piece of sweet to bring them happiness and joy during a devastating period after the Cold War. Some of the groups were the U.S. Air Force, U.S. local schools, the German Youth Association and Non-commissioned Officer’s Wives Club.

In the top picture Lieutenant Halvorsen tossing parachutes with candy to the children. The children have him a nickname, uncle wiggly wings. More people of Berlin became aware of Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen’s candy drops. He became worried about the childten safety since now he would have a large crowd waiting for his candy drops. Lieutenant Halvorsen’s general found out about his Little Vittle project. He feared that he would be punish or even have to resign his position. However, the general support his mission.

Around the same time the Soviet union warned him to stop because he was interfering with Russia’s plan.  His candy drops were actually banned but he figured out another route to deliver candy this project was named Little Vittles. I never thought that we actually need sugar to survive. I found out the Lieutenant Halvorsen’s candy was needed to survive. Due to the lack of sugar many people began to suffer diseases that made them crippled. polio hospital of West Berlin contacted Lieutenant Halvorsen for a visit and distribution of some candy.

Lieutenant Halvorsen continued with his kind feeds and is well known for his mission for the children.

The picture below is Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen retired from the U.S. Air Force.



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