Candy Bombers by Michael O. Tunnel: Chapters 1 and 2

I will be reading two books during the summer. This is my first book. This is a non-fiction book during the 1948 to 1949 Berlin Blockage. Russia wanted to block allied access from Germany by trying to control Berlin unnder Soviet Union. The people of Berlin believed that their freedom from the Soviet Union was more important to them than food. The people of Berlin starved to prove a point.

Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen part of the U.S. Air Force. He witnessed how the people but of most concern the children suffered during the Berlin Blockage. I did some further search in my encyclopedia and online and learned a bit more about the Berlin Blockage. Lieutenant Halvorsen admired the people of Berlin’s devotion for their freedom. There were some important encounters with the children that touched Lieutenant Halvorsen such as his July 1948 road trip in a jeep to meet some children and the children in the other side of the Tempelholf Central Airport. He wanted to help the children so he convinced some of his friends from the air force to donate their weekly money to provide food and candy to the children suffering. He drove the C-54 Skymaster cargo planes to make the deliveries.

So far, I’m impressed and very engaged into the story. This is a different type of storyline for me. During my reading I’m learning history and new vocabulary. I barrowed my e-book from the L.A. Public Library. I am waiting for the hard copy too.

Good night.


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