Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen AKA Captain Wiggle Wings

I found this interesting video and pages recognizing Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen for his project.

Captain Wiggle Wings

Lieutenant Halvorsen at the U.S. Embassy in Germany

Lieutenant Halvorsen on PBS


Damian’s Review

I liked reading the Candy Bombers book. The author out a lot of time into interviewing Lt. Gail Halvorsen to provide correct information. The book was interesting because I was about history, the Air Force, children and candy. My family and I were able to visit a museum that we didn’t know about. I found other similar books that you can download to your handheld for free from your public library. The Candy Bomber was one of my reading books for the Summer Reading program at my library 🙂

How does the setting of the story effect the story?

The setting of the story is during the Cold War after World War II. I did some research online and my library and found interesting videos. The setting was very tense and humanitarian. Berlin was the definition of the Cold War due to their separations of Soviet Union ruling and against them. They separated communities, families and children. He wanted to do more but couldn’t because he did not want to cause problems with the U.S.

Conflict and Solutions

The major plot twist was when the Soviet Union approached Gail Halvorsen to tell him to stop dropping candy because it was interfering with their plans for the people of Berlin. He was not trying to go against the Soviet Union. He was not picking sides either. He represented the U.S. but he felt bad that the children were suffering an adult problem. To prevent problems with the Soviet Union he made a road route instead. This is when he found the polio hospital. He realized that he need more help than he was able to give them. He started to recruit people and organizations d for his purpose.

Lt. Gail Halvorsen handled his conflict with what was available to him. I would have used our social media and reached out to the president to help the children. It was not fair that he felt that he had to do this alone. I would be scared of the Soviet Union . Good thing that they are not around anymore.

Lt. Gail Halvorsen and his motive

The main character’s name is Gail Halvorsen. I think that Gail Halvorson was brave to do something that his commanding officer did not see immediately. I also think that he is very kind to go out of his to deliver candy to the children of Berlin to give them hope. It goes to show that you don’t have to have a lot of money or work at a not so good job. You can find motivation in anything. Lt. Gail Halvorsen proved that there are resources for any kind act.


The main character’s name is Gail Halvorson. I think that Gail Halvorson was brave to do something that he did not get permission to do by his commanding officer. I also think that he is very kind to go out of his to deliver candy to the children of Berlin to give them hope. The setting of the story it contributed to the kind act the Lt Gail Halvorson did for the children and people of Berlin. It was a time of devastation and a need for hope.

The Wende Museum

The Wende Museum

I wanted to get a better idea about the the history and way of living in Berlin during the Cold War. I did a search online and found out the we have a local museum with Cold War artifacts. It’s the Wendell Museum in Culvet City. It’s a non-profit so their visit hours are not available on the weekends we went two weeks ago on a Friday when it’s open to the public. The founder Justinian Japol founded the museum because the remains of Berlin were being destroyed by vandalism and demolition due to the country’s recostruction. It was said during our tour that there is no other museum like this one because no other place has Berlin artafacts in such condition. I noticed that during the Cold War slot of status represented motivation for freedom, pride and hope. This museum is not to big but it has interesting artifacts. I was able to take a picture with a piece from the Berlin wall. I was told that there are other pieces at the LACMA museum.

A piece of the Berlin WallMotivational Plates

Candy Bombers Chapter 5-6 pages 51-86

There were many incidents where candy was not been drop or received by a couple of children. In chapter five was when a young boy sent Lt. Gail Halvorsen a letter saying he never got any candy. The boy included a map for Lt. Gail Halvorsen to guide him a possible candy drop. Lt. Gail Halvorsen followed the coordinates and made a candy drop for the boy. The boy sent another letter because he said that he did not received the candy. In order to make sure the the candy would be received by the children that needed it Lt. Gail Halvorsen mailed the boy some chocolate and gum. A man sent Ltd. Gail Halvorsen asking for a candy drop in his area. The reason for the man’s request was for his daughter’s birthday and he couldn’t afford a gift for his daughter’s birthday. The next day when he dropped the candy one of the parachutes landed on the man’s roof of his house and this was a bit funny.


In 1948 Lt. Gail Halvorsen was rotated to a new flight assignment. He was then assigned to was to fly a large C-74 out of Brookelyn Air Force base in Alabama. When he left the new head officer for the cooperation was Captain Larry Cassy. Lt. Gail Holvorsen was recognized by his accomplishments and dedication to humanity. He was eventually promoted to colonel. Colonel Gail Halvorsen latrt married Jolley Alta. he became the commander at Vanderberg Air Force Base.

Candy Bombers Chapter 3 and 4


Many people and groups supported Lieutenant Halvorsen’s purpose to give children and their gamilies a piece of sweet to bring them happiness and joy during a devastating period after the Cold War. Some of the groups were the U.S. Air Force, U.S. local schools, the German Youth Association and Non-commissioned Officer’s Wives Club.

In the top picture Lieutenant Halvorsen tossing parachutes with candy to the children. The children have him a nickname, uncle wiggly wings. More people of Berlin became aware of Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen’s candy drops. He became worried about the childten safety since now he would have a large crowd waiting for his candy drops. Lieutenant Halvorsen’s general found out about his Little Vittle project. He feared that he would be punish or even have to resign his position. However, the general support his mission.

Around the same time the Soviet union warned him to stop because he was interfering with Russia’s plan.  His candy drops were actually banned but he figured out another route to deliver candy this project was named Little Vittles. I never thought that we actually need sugar to survive. I found out the Lieutenant Halvorsen’s candy was needed to survive. Due to the lack of sugar many people began to suffer diseases that made them crippled. polio hospital of West Berlin contacted Lieutenant Halvorsen for a visit and distribution of some candy.

Lieutenant Halvorsen continued with his kind feeds and is well known for his mission for the children.

The picture below is Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen retired from the U.S. Air Force.


Candy Bombers by Michael O. Tunnel: Chapters 1 and 2

I will be reading two books during the summer. This is my first book. This is a non-fiction book during the 1948 to 1949 Berlin Blockage. Russia wanted to block allied access from Germany by trying to control Berlin unnder Soviet Union. The people of Berlin believed that their freedom from the Soviet Union was more important to them than food. The people of Berlin starved to prove a point.

Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen part of the U.S. Air Force. He witnessed how the people but of most concern the children suffered during the Berlin Blockage. I did some further search in my encyclopedia and online and learned a bit more about the Berlin Blockage. Lieutenant Halvorsen admired the people of Berlin’s devotion for their freedom. There were some important encounters with the children that touched Lieutenant Halvorsen such as his July 1948 road trip in a jeep to meet some children and the children in the other side of the Tempelholf Central Airport. He wanted to help the children so he convinced some of his friends from the air force to donate their weekly money to provide food and candy to the children suffering. He drove the C-54 Skymaster cargo planes to make the deliveries.

So far, I’m impressed and very engaged into the story. This is a different type of storyline for me. During my reading I’m learning history and new vocabulary. I barrowed my e-book from the L.A. Public Library. I am waiting for the hard copy too.

Good night.